About Us

If there’s one notable restaurant in the Cerritos area that pioneered in the fast-food business, Pinoy-Pinay Filipino Fastfood comes to the fore.

It was established in mid-1991 on South St. corner Pioneer Blvd. in the upscale City of Cerritos when it was still thinly populated by Filipinos.

With the Filipino population steadily growing across the community, this fast-food store is flourishing whether the economy is up or down.

As years went by, customers still defer to Pinoy Pinay as the undisputed leader of the fast food eatery.

From a one-door fast-food restaurant, Pinoy-Pinay has expanded to a larger size, two-door 3,400 sq. ft. when it took over the adjacent vacant door – to accommodate it’s loyal and growing customers from near and far.

Lutong pinoy,Lasang pinoy ,Tunay na pinoy!